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Cool Video of  Our Barn Raising 

The Vision
We see a future where this magical spot is preserved as a place of natural beauty to be used for private retreat, recreation, agriculture, art and celebration of nature for generations to come.  
The Mission
The mission of Faraway Pond is to maintain and create natural places and man made spaces that offer a place of refuge and serene natural beauty that restores the spirit, ignites creativity and delights our children (and inner child) with the possibilities for learning and recreation.  
Become energy independent
Update Big Barn for year round use

Add to Solar array
Repair the Pond Overflow Culvert
Continue to restore bridge foundations

Complete Red Barn for Housing


• Continue the tradition of offering annual leases to support the maintenance and enhancements for the Faraway Pond Property.  Keeping the land open and natural requires lots of loving effort,  creative, careful landscaping and a curated vision.  We will engage the help of professionals and volunteers in the effort to preserve and enhance the property.   

• Apply for grant to fund energy overhaul
• Upgrade all appliances and heat pumps         
• Enhance the strength of the bridges and add new surface for better safety
• Clear and widen the trails where they have grown over 
• Remove fallen trees and clear debris from forest floor                 
• Resurface and restore the native gravel drives and existing parking areas

• Prune the orchard                   
Done! • Build a Post and Beam Barn above the berm section of pond

Done! • Increase the solar energy gain by adding solar panels to the barn roof 
Done!  • Plant Hemp Crop
Done! • Host a cider making day in the Fall
Done! • Curate the forests by selective cutting to allow trees to flourish
Done! • Host a Forest Society Fundraiser Farm to Table Dinner

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